The Last Dance

Senior prom is a bittersweet moment for most students, but for students attending this year’s proms at Lone Oak, Reidland and Heath High Schools—as well as those with fond memories of proms past—the night will be especially poignant. These mothers and daughters from each of Paducah’s soon-to-merge schools joined us at Paducah Life in a nostalgic trip down high school-memory lane; here are their photos and thoughts of proms past in honor of The Last Dance. What does being part of the RHS traditi

Enriching Their World

If you follow the multicolored handprints painted along the hallways of McNabb Elementary, they’ll lead you past offices and classrooms where you’ll hear sounds typical to any school: teachers explaining assignments, students asking questions, laughter, chatter, the squeaking of sneakers on slick floors. But after 2 PM, you’ll begin to hear something else entirely. You’ll hear the in-sync steps and stomps of budding ballerinas, the repeated thwack of bows releasing arrows and thudding into bulls

Welcome to New York City. Intern here. Then Move Back Home.

First, she sketches a bold, black brow over the model’s eye. From the inner corner of the brow she brings the black down, contouring with the face’s natural shadows. She then strokes the brush diagonally to close the triangle, and fills it in to complete the shock of black. Next, she makes one more quick, decisive stroke from the outer corner of the eye upward and outward. Finally, she fills in the spaces between the black with white, marrying the two colors where they meet. It’s intense. It’s d
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